Student Conduct and Discipline

Adobe Middle School believes that discipline is based on the premise of educating students about appropriate behavior and of making restitution and restoring relationships when misbehavior has occurred.  Therefore, we will not tolerate behavior that interferes with the learning of others or a student’s right to a safe and secure learning environment.  A student attending Adobe Middle School is expected to act like a young adult.                    

Students are expected to know that actions such as pushing, shoving, shouting, running, blocking traffic, or using profanity in the halls are NOT acceptable. A code of common courtesy in and out of the classroom should be the rule and guide at all times.  The teachers and administration are well aware that the majority of students at Adobe Middle School want and respect an environment which is conducive to a good learning environment.  We are also aware that the majority of students accept their responsibility as demonstrated by their positive conduct and everyday interaction with students and staff.  Therefore, the following policy is written for that small percentage of students who have not yet accepted responsibility for their actions and as a result can be a detriment to the learning potential of others.

The principal and/or vice-principal shall have the authority to suspend for a period not to exceed ten days those students who violate Elko County School District policy and/or Adobe Middle School Student Conduct policy.  Please refer to the AMS Progressive Discipline Matrix.

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