Promotion Policy

To be promoted to high school a student must meet the ECSD Board of Trustees Minimum Attendance Policy JBBA, and is required to earn the minimum number of course credits specified by Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 389.445) during 7th and 8th grade combined.  If a student does not earn enough credits, a student may or may not be promoted to high school in certain situations. 

In order to be considered for promotion, the student must take remediation courses following 7th or 8th grade in the subjects in which he/she is credit deficient.  At a minimum, for an 8th grader to be promoted the student must meet the attendance and curriculum requirements which include that the student must be no more than ½ credit deficient in English or Math, and no more than 1 credit deficient in Science or Social Studies.

If the credit deficiency is in a subject in which the State of Nevada administers an 8th grade criterion referenced test (e.g. reading, writing, math, and science), and the student receives a test score resulting in a “Meets Standard” or “Exceeds Standard” achievement level, the student may be promoted to high school without restriction.

If the student does not receive a “Meets Standard” or “Exceeds Standard” test score, or if there is no State of Nevada criterion-reverenced test in his/her area of deficiency, the student may be promoted to high school and will be placed on academic probation.

If a student is promoted to high school and is on academic probation, the student must enroll in remediation courses in the subject of his/her middle school credit deficiencies and these courses are to be taken at the same time as the regular ninth grade class schedule.  Credits earned through middle school remediation courses do not result in credits toward a standard high school diploma.  Remediation courses must be successfully completed in order for a student to be removed from academic probation. 

Students who are on academic probation while enrolled in high school are not eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities until they fulfill their requirements to be removed from academic probation. 

A parent or legal guardian may elect not to place his child on academic probation but to remain in grade 8.