Live Online Math Class

The biggest complaint I receive from teachers at all grade levels is students don't know their basic arithmetic facts. That deficiency follows and impacts student achievement into high school.

Did you know when you subtract numbers whose units column are consecutive odd or even, the answer is always 8? These are strategies we can share so students can study and learn more effectively and efficiently.

Example 146 = 8, 135 = 8

To address this deficiency and involve parents, the RPDP will provide parental instruction so parents can help their own children be more successful. We will provide live on-line instruction and strategies to assist them in working with their own children, parents will also be able to type in questions and have them answered live. We will provide resources that they can download to work with their own children for practice.

These lessons will be scheduled every Saturday at 9 for Basic Math and 10:30 for Algebra. In November, we will evaluate the progress of RPDPLive and make changes as necessary.

Oct 19
9am Basic Math Add/Subtraction Strategies 10:30 Algebra Slope, Slope Intercept form of a Line
Oct 26
9am Basic Math Multiplication Strategies 10:30 Algebra Point-Slope & General Form of a Line
Nov 2
9am Basic Math Division facts, Long Division 10:30 Algebra Functions
Nov 9
9am Basic Math Fractions, Equivalent Fractions 10:30 Algebra Arithmetic Progressions