All absences must be confirmed by a written notice or phone call from the legal parent or guardian within 3 days of the absence. After 3 days absences may be changed to Truancy.

To ensure that all students receive a quality education, it is important that they attend school regularly.  Students must be in class on a regular basis to ensure a quality educational experience.  Any student who is absent must have a valid reason.  An excuse written by the parent/guardian must be presented to the attendance secretary.

To be considered for perfect attendance a student should not be absent for any school days or class periods including tardies. Perfect Attendance will be awarded at the end of the school year with no absences or more than 3 tardies. 

An unexcused absence is an unauthorized absence from school, and means that a student will not be allowed to make up missed work.  Students might also suffer disciplinary actions, such as being declared TRUANT.

Communication between home and school is absolutely vital in promoting and managing good attendance.  The following guidelines have been developed to support efforts regarding parent notification and to warn students that they may be in danger of not being promoted or may lose credit for excessive absences.

Minimum Days of Attendance for Seventh Grade through Twelfth Grade - Traditional Schedule:
Less than 90 percent attendance of days enrolled each semester may result in loss of credit(s).  Nine or more days missed, per semester, may result in loss of credit.

Parents will be notified by letter of students’ absences when the student has missed ten (10), and fifteen (15) days.  Parents may request a conference with the school administrator to discuss absences as well as loss of credit.

Exceptional Circumstances
The following factors may be considered, but are not limited to, as unavoidable and/or defensible exceptions to the minimum number of attendance days:

1. Doctor verified medical release.
2. School Nurse verification.
3. Prearranged education experiences outside of school approved by administrator.
4. Verifiable family emergencies.
5. Extended injury or illness which is doctor verified.
6. An absence directly related to a students' identified disability.

Exceptions will be determined by the school principal.